October 27, 2019

NICER-Northern Iron County Engaged Residents hosted a Spooky Halloween Trail Walk at the Hurley School Adventure Trails on Sunday, October 27 from 4:00-6:00 pm, followed by food and beverages in the school commons area.

“The Spooky Halloween Trail Walk was suggested at NICER’s September planning meeting,” said Rebecca Holm, NICER member and event coordinator, “Since the Hurley fun frolic no longer takes place, we wanted to offer something fun and safe for kids in our area to do during the week of Halloween.”

Area groups, businesses, organizations, school sports teams, individuals and families signed up to hand candy out to the kids on the trail. The only catch? Arrive in costume and have fun! Each group was assigned a costume theme and NICER was able to provide all the candy for the event. thanks in part to the generous donations received from businesses and individuals in our community.

The event was a HUGE success. The NICER planning group, with the support of Extension Iron County secured 90+ volunteers to man the 22 themed sections of the spooky trail. Businesses, groups and individuals arrived in costume, got into character and handed out candy. It was so fun to see!

A $5 suggested donation per family was requested at the trail head. There were many contributions from the 200+ families who attended, which allowed ALL FAMILIES to participate in the walk and enjoy food and beverages that were provided afterwards. All proceeds from the event will be used on future community projects identified by NICER.

We received great feedback and have been asked to continue this event next year. We have already started brainstorming and would like to see the Spooky Halloween Trail Walk be bigger and better in October 2020. Stay tuned!

Spooky Halloween Trail Walk

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