FEBRUARY 27, 2021

NICER began planning the 3rd annual Hygge [Hoo-ga] Hike in December 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic still creating challenges, event organizers decided it would be best to cancel the chili cook off portion of the event this year. So, they decided to spice things up a different way, by hosting the snowshoe hike on a full moon night!

This year's event, Hygge Hike at Night, took place from 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Saturday, February 27th. 600+ candle and ice luminaries lined the 1.5 mile casual snowshoe hike through a portion of the Historic Montreal Ski Trails.

200+ participants, clad in anything from light up LED light vests to glow stick accessories, were able to take in full moon views from the Montreal Whistle Overlook, warmed up by 3 bonfires set up along the trail, watched a fire dancing routine, and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate at the end of the hike. Extension Iron County loaned out their community snowshoes for the event, so anyone without was able to borrow some for free.

A $10 suggested donation per family was accepted at the trailhead, with many participants contributing. Just over $1000 was raised by the end of the hike with proceeds benefitting NICER and Penokee Rangers, Inc. (who maintain the Historic Montreal Ski Trails on a volunteer basis).

Many of the participants didn't know that the Historic Montreal Ski Trail system even existed. That is the main goal of this event....to raise awareness of a great trail system right in our backyards, 100% maintained on a volunteer basis by the Penokee Rangers!

Thank you to everyone who attended this year! We are already looking forward to next year's Hygge Hike.


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart."
-Elizabeth Andrew

It truly takes a village! We want to recognize the individuals who volunteered their time at the 2021 Hygge Hike. Between creating unique, colored ice luminaries and Swedish torches to setting up and lighting the 600+ luminaries, we appreciate all of the extra help this year!

NICER board members (Rebecca Holm, Kari Klemme, Neil Klemme, Maleah Cummings, Ken Saari, Ciara Relyea, Kelly Traczyk, Jackie Bradley, Mackenzie Backman), Penokee Rangers, Inc. (Charlie Zinsmaster, Karl Zinsmaster, Red Rod Gulan), Amy Nosal, Steve Mullenbach, Gerry Nasi, Braeden Klemme, Kasey Klemme, Cameryn Gresham, Sharon Tadlock, Cade Drier, Rich Jenkins, Doug Kikkebush, Deb Leonard, Bill Greiter.

A special thank you goes out to Rose Wreath for plowing their parking lot, which allowed for additional parking!

NICER, the Penokee Rangers and volunteers started prepping the trails by setting up luminaries, ice orbs and signs early Saturday morning.

NICER board member, Maleah Cummings made around 30 colorful
ice orbs that lined the beginning of
the trail.

The Historic Montreal Ski Trails looked amazing!

NICER youth board members, Mackenzie Backman & Jackie Bradley had a blast volunteering at the hot chocolate station.

Volunteer, Amy Nosal showed off her fire dancing skills to participants and volunteers.

Volunteer, Gerry Nasi helped set up the event during the day and also set up three bonfires along the trail!

NICER Treasurer, Rebecca Holm, greeted participants as they arrived to the Hygge Hike.

One of the Swedish torches, made by NICER President, Neil Klemme. These torches were placed around the trail and were a hit!